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The following are books and health related items recommended by Dr. Hardin. Increase your health knowledge with these trusted authors!


How Not to Age

Outstanding culmination of years of work by Dr. Greger’s team

Outlive by Dr Peter Attia

The Science and Art of Longevity

How Not to Die

Foundational nutritional science on longevity, how to prevent our most common causes of death with good dietary choices, based on real science.

Eat to Live

A great collection of quick simple recipes for health

Eat For Life

Interested in nutrition for longevity? Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian approach is hard to beat.

Built to Move

I disagree with what the authors say about protein, but don’t let that distract from the quality information here about movement and aging, which is very good.

Fiber Fueled

Learn why eating a wide diversity of plants is so important, how to optimize your microbiome, and why you should now

Fiber Fueled Cookbook

This is my family’s favorite cookbook, and the one I most recommend! Delicious and simple recipes that will enable you to optimize your health and enjoy the process



Newest release from Neal Barnard, how to eat for easy and permanent weight loss!


Easy Vegan cookbook

My family has thoroughly enjoyed this cookbook. Great way to add more plant diversity into your diet

The Comfort Crisis

There’s a saying in the military – embrace the suck. Realizing and embracing the fact that humans are anti-fragile takes us a long way toward being able to optimize our health


Four Thousand Weeks

Longevity attempts to increase our time on earth, but maybe equally important is getting the most of whatever time we have.


Why We Sleep

Sleep is critically important for our health span, and Dr. Walker is maybe the world’s leading expert on sleep.


Hunter Gatherer's Guide to 21st Century

Many of our modern health problems have arisen from modernity – looking at modern disease through this evolutionary lens helps a lot to shed light on the root causes, and thus how to treat or reverse them

The Price We Pay

When I’m asked if I accept insurance, I always want to refer the person asking to this book. Eliminating the 3rd party payer system would go a long way toward fixing our broken system

Food for Life

Some superb nutritional science here

Die With Zero

Longevity is a lot like long range financial planning. I highly recommend this book as you plan your future, and I help you achieve your health goals as you age – this book helps to ensure you are spending your money how you want to support the life you want


The End of Diabetes

A plan to prevent or even reverse diabetes

The End of Heart Disease

Nutritarian approach to prevent and reverse heart disease – America’s #1 killer for the last 100 years

How Not to Diet

Diets don’t work, so don’t do it. This book tells you how to eat healthy and live so that you can obtain the weight you want without dieting.

Dopamine Nation

Dr Lembke’s work complements The Comfort Crisis well. Leaning into discomfort rather than trying to treat it often serves us well.

Life Without Diabetes

Dr Taylor’s explanation of what causes diabetes as well as his guide to reversing diabetes and insulin resistance

I do get a very small referral for ordering through the links above, but any of the books are also available for practice members to borrow for free from the practice library. I wanted a central place where people could find a curated list of recommended books and other items.