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Welcome to Freedom Lifestyle Medicine

A free market approach to address the root causes of disease.

Welcome to Freedom Lifestyle Medicine

Optimizing health to maximize longevity – both increased lifespan and health span

Welcome to Freedom Lifestyle Medicine

Evidence guided, individualized, physician directed, proactive wellness

What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine uses scientific evidence-based therapeutic approaches to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease. It is a distinct field of medicine whose goal is to treat the root cause of most of our modern diseases and causes of death and disability, most of which are caused by lifestyle. Lifestyle medicine certified clinicians are trained to use prescriptive lifestyle change to empower the patient to take control over their health, decreasing and sometimes even eliminating the need for prescription medications.

What is Freedom lifestyle medicine?

Freedom Lifestyle Medicine is a direct care lifestyle medicine practice, taking a wholistic integrative approach to use lifestyle interventions to address the root causes of chronic disease and the leading causes of death and aging, maximizing health span and lifespan. We focus on helping our clients establish and achieve actionable health goals, and as much as possible, on living a life free of chronic disease, free from dependence upon medications, free to live the healthy and vibrant lives we desire, free to age without being limited by physical and cognitive decline. A life of freedom.


Do you accept insurance? 

At Freedom Lifestyle Medicine we believe healthcare should be affordable and transparent. We believe the reactive 3rd party payer system (insurance and Medicare/Medicaid) is badly broken, and has largely caused the sick care system we have today, and we believe the free market holds the only solution. Healthcare decisions should be between the patient and doctor, alone, no one else. We offer fair, transparent, free market pricing up front with no hidden costs, no surprise billing, no inflated prices to be discounted for select insurance companies. Every patient receives the same value, at the same cost. We know you have many choices for your healthcare, and we are honored our patients have chosen us, and work hard to ensure our patients get outstanding value and excellent care. 

Please note that we cannot accept Medicare/Medicaid patients at this time. If you would like to be notified when this changes, please just note this in the contact form when providing contact information.

The key elements (or pillars):

Whole food, plant-based diet

Restorative Sleep

Physical activity

Smoking cessation and avoiding risky substance abuse

Stress management and emotional wellness

Positive psychology and connectedness

Services we offer

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current health

    • Including objective measurements of vital signs, body composition, advanced biometric testing

    • Advanced thorough assessment of threats to health, reviewing genetics, epigenetics, cellular and physiologic aging, comprehensive laboratory testing (60+ to over 100 biomarkers), functional testing, gut health and microbiome testing

  • Identification of metabolic disorders and pre-disease states (such as prediabetes) often before symptoms arise
  • Identify root causes of disease
  • Lifestyle counseling – rather than a doctor saying to exercise more and eat better, we develop specific actionable plans for change and improvement
    • Nutrition and exercise prescriptions tailored to the individual client
  • Utilization of technology to foster close physician involvement and monitoring progress toward goals, especially as we de-prescribe medications (often includes physician reviewing values several days a week, with very frequent touch points)
    • At home connected blood pressure cuffs for remote monitoring, to safely and properly taper medications and identify physiological stressors that contribute to elevated blood pressure
    • Continuous Glucose Monitors, to help develop an ideal nutritional strategy based on how each individual metabolizes specific foods, as well as how other lifestyle factors influence glucose metabolism
    • Heart rate variability tracking
    • Sleep tracking, evaluating quality of sleep as well as duration
  • No waiting for weeks to see the doctor, often same or next day appointments, including evenings and some weekends, little to no waiting to be called back in a waiting room – I’m not forced by insurance to see too many patients in a day, I never double book patients and always actively minimize any waiting for patients – time is the essence of life, and I respect and value yours.

  • Subscribers can call, text, or email Dr. Hardin directly
  • Subscriber only walk/ruck events, led by Dr. Hardin
  • Practice library with trusted health resources and subscriber book club – read and discuss the same books and articles as the doctor 
  • Additional lab testing with negotiated savings for practice members
  • Some services we intend to add soon include
    • Direct dispensing of medications at little to no cost and no need to wait at a pharmacy
    • IV hydration and vitamin therapy
    • Subscriber only very small group teaching kitchen sessions, teaching cooking for nutritional excellence
    • Ketamine infusion therapy

What do we treat and prevent?

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Metabolic health

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Gut dysbiosis
  • Mental health

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Some chronic pain conditions

  • Trigger points

Lifestyle medicine addresses root causes of chronic disease, focusing on non pharmacologic interventions, which may extend lives and may allow patients to live longer, in better health, with fewer disabilities, and with an improved quality of life.

About Dr. Scott Hardin

Louisville native and St X grad, Dr. Hardin graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in 2008, completed residency in Anesthesiology at UK in 2012, and has been practicing clinical Anesthesia for 10 years. He recently became committed to preventing and reversing disease, as well as working toward helping to fix our broken healthcare system, one life at a time, cutting out all the middlemen that drive up costs and have turned healthcare into sick care.

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